Difference Between Networking and Connecting

Difference Between Networking and Connecting

What is Networking?

I am sure you have heard the quote, “your network determines your net worth.” This is certainly true, but I think that this quote is incomplete.

Who you know is important, but who knows you is much more important. If you have 500+ friends on Facebook, 1000+ connections on LinkedIn, 1000+ followers on Twitter and Instagram, congratulations. But, if less than 20% of them cannot remember who you are and what are you good at, your network is useless. The same is true for you. If you can’t remember and recall names of the people in your network, your network is useless.

Look at your Wi-Fi functionality in your computer or mobile devices. You are looking for Wi-Fi Network. But, that network is useless to you unless you are connected to it. This analogy is the same with reality.

Don’t get me wrong, having a good network is important. Having a good connection with your network is much more important.

What is Connecting?

Connection occurs when A and B are in the same wavelength.

Throughout this episode of my life, I learned three most basic things when it comes to networking:

1. Be genuinely interested in people
Never approach people with the intension of selling them something immediately. More often than not, they will be turned off instantly. I have encountered many instances where people immediately offer something to sell immediately after exchanging pleasantries. It’s like asking someone of the opposite sex to marry you on the first encounter. It will not work!

Get to know them, understand them, be interested in them. Last but not least, remember what they have shared with you.

2. Everything starts with “Hello, how are you?”
A good beginning to any conversation starts with exchanging of pleasantries. The same is true for networking. A real genuine smile goes a long way too!

3. Ask, and you will get the answer
There are so many kind people in the world. Whenever I am in doubt or I am seeking an answer to certain problems, I will always ask people who are more experienced than me. And, I always get the answer.

The next time you have difficult questions, ask the expert. You will be very surprised.

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